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Tattoo Ideas: Torus

Earths torus field

Earth toroidal energy field is a major topic of interest these days as scientists learn more about the outer layers of Earth’s electromagnetic field effect on us at Earth’s surface. This field protects us from electromagnetic radiation from the sun, and without it, we couldn’t exist. Check out and for more on Earth’s toroidal field.

The Torus is the fundamental shape of consciousness, which exist in every scale from the smallest atomic particles to the shape of our Galaxy. Here are some examples of the Torus in nature.

Our Heart is the center of our personal energy field or Toroidal Energy Field. Here is a video from Heart Math Institute about how our heart works with this field.

An apple shows the shape of the torus.


What else do you notice that shows the shape of the torus?

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Sacred Design: Metatron’s Cube

Metatrons cube tattoo design

Metatrons Cube is the result of drawing lines from the center of the 13 circles in the fruit of life. Archangel Metatron is referenced in the Judaic, Christian and Islamic traditions and was called the “scribe of god”. In this way he can be compared to Thoth. Leonardo Pasano discovered the shape of Metatrons cube which contains all 5 platonic solids. Here’s a great video introduction to the significance of Metatrons Cube.

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Sacred Design: Flower of Life

Flower of life tattoo design

The flower of life is 2 dimensional representation of a Vector Equilibrium & Isotropic Vector Matrix and is found on ancient and megalithic monuments around the world including the Temple of Osiris in Egypt where it is burned as if with a laser and dated over 10,000 years ago. Here is a video that will introduce you to the flower of life.